Design, Engineering & Preconstruction Planning

Custom electrical, structural, civil and architectural design, manufacturing & development. We are a vertically integrated EPC Contractor  that is experienced in power plant, grid systems, communications, & road lighting sustainable infrastructure.


With state of the art 3D design tools we are able to not only perform full isometric design, test and modelling of the infrastructure components but also able to do a full scale mockup that provides dimensional checks in order to ensure proper construction.


Once the design, engineering, planning, modelling and fabrication are complete then the physical construction takes place under the regulated and watchful supervision of our expert construction managers, engineers and skilled professional operators. 



AstralENERGY Solar Manufacturing Corporation Ltd. (“AstralENERGY”) is a 100% Canadian owned and managed energy development company operating globally.


AstralENERGY is primarily focused on the research, design, manufacturing and marketing of the world's finest microprocessor controlled wirelessly integrated solar power generation platform.  Alongside this intellectual property development, AstralENERGY is involved with the design and construction of cleantech power projects that use the knowledge, skills and value chains of the company and the technology that it creates.


Current and past priority projects have included embedded electronic manufacturing, LED lighting, small and large wind power systems, solar power systems (concentrated solar, solar thermal and solar PV), biomass, biogas, hydro-electric power generation, bio fuels refining and waste to energy systems, electrical infrastructure and transmission line architecture, and plant construction, engineering and operation.


The Company was recently awarded a USD 240 Million contract for the supply and installation of solar-powered LED streetlights in Cameroon.  Great attention is now devoted to executing the requirements of that contract through its successive milestones. 



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Richard Boswell, BBA, MBA - Chief Executive Officer
With over 25 years of management experience working with companies of various sizes from start-ups through Fortune 10 listed organizations globally he has a breadth of experience that most companies struggle to find. His vast array of experience includes multiple industries, ranging from financial services, automotive manufacturing, information technology, retail, and consulting. He has held key positions providing him with the responsibility of overseeing different strategic functions.
Leon Gerard Vandenberg, P.Eng., MBA - Chief Commercial Officer
Leon graduated with a B.A.Sc. Systems Design Engineering from University of Waterloo, and has an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University. His background and marketable presence in sustainable systems, blockchain / cryptocurrency & electrical engineering is key in the commercialization of the technological innovations between the two closely invested companies – AstralENERGY & Solara Systems Inc.
Dr. Mustafa Eteer, MD, PhD - Director, Chief Operating Officer
With advanced degrees in chemistry and medicine, Dr.Steer was the catalyst behind the construction of the African Center for Disease Control in Tripoli, Libya. He is the owner and operator of Golden Poultry, and several other smaller adventures including renewable energy.

An international Entrepreneur, Investor and Philanthropist, Dr. Eteer is heavily involved in the fight against HIV, yellow fever, malaria, typhoid and several other diseases that are rampant throughout the African Continent.
Victor Calleja, B.A.Sc. Electronics - MENA Sales Director, Corp. Secretary
Victor is the eleventh of a family of twelve children who grew up in Valetta, Malta. He immigrated to Canada in 1974 and worked for a number of Tier 1 Companies including Ford, Essex Engine, Blue Water Power and AstralENERGY. Victor is a Senior Industrial Advisor (SIA) to the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, EBRD, London U.K. in the Turn Around Management Program (TAM) for Canadian and E.U. Projects. He has extensive overseas experience and valuable contacts in the Arabian Gulf.
Alex So - CET, REIC - Project Manager
Born in Toronto, Alex benefited from his family’s Hong Kong business background. His father had instilled a solid work ethic in Alex and he has owned and operated a family business for 22 years. He has been involved Renewable Energy & Intelligent Sustainable Infrastructure for well over two decades...
Yaermaimaiti Dilimulati, B. Econ. & Finance - Director MENA Business Development
Yaermaimaiti Dilimulati, Di Li to his friends and colleagues, originally came from China to the United Arab Emirates. He has lived in the Emirates for many years with his family and successfully overseas many large projects from inception through to completion globally from his base in the U.A.E. for AstralENERGY Solar Manufacturing Corporation, Ltd.
Michael P. Levesque, Dplm. ING, M.Sc. Eng., P. Des., CET, CID, OCA, BCTE, SM-SMTA, SM-IEEE, ME
President & Chief Technical Officer (Master Construction Engineer)

I’m a Rock Star. I oversee and manage the entire operations of AstralENERGY™ for all of Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. I helped to found the company and am responsible for most of its designs, technical work, innovation and R&D.
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229 Yonge Street, Suite 400, Toronto,

Ontario, Canada M5B1N9



PH:  +001 437 3718109


For any inquiries, recommendations, or suggestions please call: +1 437 371 8109 or fill out the following form:


To apply for a job with AstralENERGY, indicate the job reference number on your cover letter and send with a complete C.V. and references to:

All unsolicited mail will be disposed of OR returned to sender (in the case of physical mail delivery).

Commercial Inquiries: +14373718142

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